Karl ‘Ed’ Law

I volunteered to become a Run Leader in 2019 in order to give something back to the club. Whilst carrying out this role I try to make the runs we do entertaining as well as a little bit challenging so everyone feels they can get something out of it. No reason why running can’t be fun!! I consider myself as a social runner who likes the occasional race to compete against I have completed many 10KM's, the occasional half marathon and a few Marathons.

Rebecca Jones

After doing everything to avoid PE at school, I took up running in 2010 when I was persuaded to enter the Manchester 10K for a friend’s charity. I've been a Run Leader since 2012 when I volunteered to take over leadership of a small running group at work. I joined the club in December 2015 and it is great to have a running club on my doorstep.

Julie Williamson

I joined the club in 2017 on the couch 2 5k program and progressed very quickly through to 10k. A few years later I moved up to half marathons and have now completed full marathons and ultra marathons. All this accomplished with the enthusiastic support of Team Orange. I now enjoy being a run lead and always supporting other members of Team Orange.

Stuart Williamson

I started running when I joined the club in October 2016. I ran my first 10k race at Tatton Park in November 2016 and quickly progressed to a half marathon in Manchester in May 2017. The following year, a competed in the Manchester marathon and in April 2019 I ran the Oldham Way Ultra (42 miles). All these races were with the support of fellow team orange members - many thanks to you all. I am not the fastest runner, but I enjoy longer runs especially over the hills. Being a run lead gives me the opportunity to pass on my running knowledge to others.

Louise Law

I wanted to become a run leader to get to know more club members and taking warm-ups & runs was the perfect way to do to. I have always been sporty and into my running so it is nice to be able to give something back to the club. My favourite distance is 10km and I love the Tour of Tameside! Like all runners I can have a ‘love/hate’ relationship with running, but being a part of this club makes even the bad run days worth it! Hope to meet you for a run soon.

Lee Slingsby

I joined Mossley Running Club in 2019 to improve my running abilities after leaving the military. At my time at the club and with help from my fellow members I have achieved half marathons and marathons . I volunteered to be a run lead so I could give something back to Mossley Running Club and help support and guide other runners within the club to achieve their running aspirations and goals. I hope my efforts of guidance people feel supported enough to challenge themselves.

Fay Hopwood

I’ve always been an active person but started running more often after joining the club. I now run on a daily basis. Since joining running club I’ve achieved things I never thought I could possibly do… 10km’s, half marathons, marathons and even an Ultra! The support and encouragement you get from members at the club is amazing. Being a run lead helps me give something back.

Louis Brierley