In February, we started our first 8 week programme of 2024.  At Mossley, we like to emphasise that ‘runners’ come in all shapes and sizes and speed is irrelevant. We don’t follow the normal ‘Couch to 5k’ – we are all different, some find running easy, others struggle. We did not aim to get to 5k – we focussed on achieving 30 minutes consistent running by Week 8.

The group of eleven were fantastic to work with.  They turned up twice a week building up distance each week as they also grew in confidence.  By week three they were ready for some Mossley hills – slow and steady, bit by bit they climbed!

In March their final run with club members was followed by a celebration breakfast.  We’re delighted that they all they enjoyed ‘Finding their Feet’ and meeting new friends!  So much so that all eleven have joined the club as full members and are now working their way to regular 5ks and looking forward to entering the Mossley 10k in July.

Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for details of future Finding Your Feet events.